Explore innovative approaches to team building and streamlining work processes through hands-on workshops and customized training sessions, all while nurturing self-reflection and self-efficacy. Drawing on extensive expertise and years of experience, I am dedicated to guiding you towards personal and team-oriented growth. Whether within corporate environments or educational settings, we collaboratively design engaging events to interactively explore pertinent topics. Let's work together on advancing your development in team building, efficient work processes, self-reflection, and self-efficacy, as we embark on a journey to discover new horizons.

Lost in Translation (2021)

17.09.2021 | with Dr. Katharina Brönnecke


"What to do? Action Practices and Responsibility in Cultural Education. 12th Conference of the Cultural Education Research Network.". Fliedner Fachhochschule Düsseldorf, 16th -17th September 2021

Empirical Perspectives of Art Education Research (2019)

26.09.20019 | with Dr. Michaela Kaiser, Katharina Brönnecke and Jonas Hogh 


Denkraum. Youth Research, BDK Youth Conference in Weimar on 26th -27th September 2019

Digital Media in Foreign Language Classes (2021)

Training on the use of digital media in Foreign Language Classes

 IGS Hannover-Linden, 2021

SEBA - Beauty (2023)



An art workshop for (Afghan) women, Bonn, Afghanic e.V., HamWatan.

Schönheit- Beauty (2021)

An art workshop for female refugees, Berlin, BaaHam e.V.